Deadly risk of pill used by 1m women

Britains medication watchdog urges 60.000 gp’s to warn women of risks of 3rd generation anticonception pills: Evra Patch, Femodene, Gedarel, Katya, Marvelon, Mercilon, Millinette, Sunya, Triadene, Yasmin and Yaz.

A million women who take Britain’s most popular contraceptive pills are to be told they risk developing potentially fatal bloods clots.

All GPs have been ordered to warn patients that taking some of the bestselling brands of birth control tablets – including Yasmin, Femodene and Marvelon – means they are nearly twice as likely to suffer blood clots compared to those who use older varieties.

Scientists have found so-called third-generation contraceptives caused 14 deaths a year in France – and now doctors in the UK have been ordered to alert women to the alarming dangers.

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